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hello, my name is ada, i'm 22 and live outside toronto. i'm just a girl trying to figure out life one step at a time. i have anxiety and depression but i'm working through them as best as i can. i'm an aries/pisces cusp and completely fit into that description. i am currently chasing after my dream of being an actress. some of the few things i love are books, animals, coffee, movies, music, writing and knitting.

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With my last post about how I was having a horrible face day, well the same happened today but less and I finally got some eye drops so it stopped the leaking. Anyways, today I was helping check out a lady and I told her her total and she stops and she snaps to and just goes “Whoa, sorry I was distracted by your pretty eyes” and I’m not bragging in any way, I’m just trying to say that it made my night because my eyes have been so shitty lately and I’ve been wiping at them constantly so they’re red and sore and suddenly she managed to find beauty in something I’ve been hating lately so what I’m trying to say is to compliment people when you find something beautiful about them because you never know.